Havertown Community Acupuncture
14 E. Eagle Rd. Havertown, PA 19083

I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis in 2009. I tried several different treatments without success. I finally discovered acupuncture. When my condition plateaued using a former practitioner, I switched to Rani. After just a few sessions I found that her treatment improved my condition significantly.  I can once again play golf pain free.

Tim B. 
...she has saved my life. After the first two weeks of treatment I actually saw a difference in my migraines and was taking little or no medication. 
I have had a number of nagging health issues over the past two years from auto-immune problems to bursitis and arthritis to orthopedic problems. It had been suggested by several people that acupuncture might help me but it wasn’t covered by insurance and so I put it off. Then a friend told me about Rani Isenberg and Havertown Community Acupuncture. WIth the sliding scale payment options it was affordable so I decided to give it a try. I am so glad I did! After just a couple of sessions I could tell I was improving and after several sessions I have had significant relief from my arthritis, bursitis and ankle injury. Even the tension knot I sometimes get in my shoulder/neck area responds to treatment. As an added bonus, the acupuncture session provides me with total relaxation for the time I am having the treatment. In our busy world, that alone would be worth it even if I wasn’t receiving relief from my physical issues. I find that I really look forward to going each time I have a session scheduled. Rani is very thorough, kind, gentle and knowledgeable and I would highly recommend Havertown Community Acupuncture.
Carol Ann R.

I have been going to Rani for a little over a year now.   She has such a warmth and gentleness to her that puts you at ease from your first visit.   Rani has genuine compassion and caring for all of her patients and it's truly reflected in her treatment.   Since starting with Rani, I find that I am much calmer in my every day life.   Even after all this time, I still look forward to my weekly session with her as I know it will bring  a peacefulness to my daily life.    I STRONGLY recommend Rani to anyone who is looking for balance in life.

Chris P.
From the moment I walked into Rani's office I felt at ease. Her calm, gentle nature and her vast knowledge left me trusting I was in good hands. Fed up with western medicines approaches to infertility I was left feeling hopeless and dejected. Rani's positivity is infectious and her treatments are truly healing. Within 6 visits I was pregnant and I am now happily and healthily sailing towards 20 weeks of pregnancy. Thank you, Rani!
I can't say enough about Havertown Community Acupuncture! The facility is relaxing and welcoming. My experience with Randi has been wonderful - she is easy to talk to, knowledgeable, and clearly cares for her clients. I can't imagine seeking out private care when this level of service is available in a community setting.
Jennifer O.
A friend suggested I try acupuncture to help with fertility.  I started treatment with Randi in January of 2016 and four months later I found out I was pregnant! Now in my 17th week of pregnancy, I continue to receive weekly treatments and feel fantastic - and better yet, the baby is healthy and on track. I feel so relaxed and stress-free during treatments. Randi is extremely helpful, caring, and genuine. The facility is simple, clean, and inviting and the price is reasonable. I highly recommend trying acupuncture here!
Angela S
I have been a migraine sufferer for approximately 35 years, during this time my migraines have been so bad that I am unable to go to work or even get out of bed some days. Most preventative medications have too many side effects or have been ineffective, so I have learned to deal with the situation and the pain. Recently while rereading a book that focused on women's headaches I reread the section on Acupuncture and figured that I would give it a try. Because of that I found Rani and Havertown Community Acupuncture, what a wonderful experience. She took the time to understand my triggers and overall health and put a plan in place. I started seeing Rani twice a week and we have reduced the visit to once a week. Over the last 7 weeks I have had the occasional headache, easily treatable, but no migraines and I have not lost time from work. The results were almost instantaneous and Rani is great.
Phyllis K.